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President Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia

Liberia has been at the point where there was a huge out pull of many global  concerns who had expressed interest in investing in Liberia. But since the election and influence of the first female president of Liberia, Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the business climate has improved.  Consequently, many American business firms have been encouraged to continue investing in Liberia. Seccom is continuing to make efforts to network with new companies, and build relationships online through Africa Online. Seccom is working to help Liberian business to see the benefit of being highlighted to potential investors, and business elsewhere in the world. Continue reading “Liberia business news”

Unified Currency Eludes ECOWAS Nations: West Africa Tackles Economic Downturn – Rodney D. Sieh

Accra, Ghana –
Mo Ibrahim, the Sudanese-born magnate once said: “Many African States are too small to continue to exist independently. The idea that 53 small African countries thought they could compete with China. India, Europe, and the USA was a ‘fallacy’. Africa “needs scale” to compete with the big economic players. We need scale and we need that now, not tomorrow, the next year or the year after.”

Mr. Freddie Taylor, President Liberian Chamber of Commerce at Tuesday’s ECOWAS business chamber meeting.
Ibrahim’s concept is one of the basis for a three-day workshop on the Popularization of the Federation of the West Africa Chambers of Commerce and Industry aimed at creating awareness among member countries about the problems, challenges and opportunities offered by intra-ECOWAS trade in goods and services. Continue reading “Unified Currency Eludes ECOWAS Nations: West Africa Tackles Economic Downturn – Rodney D. Sieh”

LIBERIA: Govt. And the United States Sign Increased Annual Assistance Agreements

The Governments of Liberia and the United States have signed an agreement under which the United States will increase its annual assistance to Liberia. The United States will provide nearly US$220 million in funding and technical assistance to support every pillar of the Poverty Reduction Strategy, otherwise referred to as the “Lift Liberia” Initiative. Of the total, $164 million is provided through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and another $55 million will support the training of security forces through the Department of State. Continue reading “LIBERIA: Govt. And the United States Sign Increased Annual Assistance Agreements”

Korean firm wins major Ghana housing deal

SEOUL — South Korea’s STX Group said it signed a 10-billion-dollar deal Wednesday to build 200,000 homes in Ghana over the next six years.

The construction group said in a statement it signed the agreement with the Ghanaian government in Seoul on the housing project, which would extend to 10 cities including the capital Accra from 2010 to 2015. Continue reading “Korean firm wins major Ghana housing deal”

Seccom Scouts for Joint Ventures in Liberia

The Liberia All Liberian Contractor Associations and Seccom are endeavoring to build a working relationship to help rebuild the war torn country. The president of ALCC, Mr. Foday Kamara is talking with  Seccom to look for contrators form a Joint Ventures to get some of the World Banks and Government projects in Liberia as well as Sierra Leone.

“Liberian Contractors are Hustlers” – says Mr. Foday Kamara

The President of the Liberian Construction Constructor, Foday Kamara says Liberian contractors are hustlers who lack the capacity to perform. Continue reading “Seccom Scouts for Joint Ventures in Liberia”

Seccom International Group,LLC and Bullocks Sales Corp in New Jersey

Seccom International Group,LLC and Bullocks Sales Corp are to facilitates some local housing development in several Cities in the State of New Jersey. The value of these contracts range from $2.5 Mill to $39 Millions. Mr. Dave Bullocks, president of Bullocks Sales Corporation said he is very excited to be working with Seccom on these … Continue reading Seccom International Group,LLC and Bullocks Sales Corp in New Jersey

Message from Sam Blango

Seccom CEO Samuel Blango Established in 1971, Seccom International Marketing, LLC is a global marketing, general contractor and construction company geared towards providing complete facility solutions for developing countries, and rural communities. Seccom is affiliated with many service organizations in Africa, Aisia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean Basin. Seccom provides vast networking possibilities … Continue reading Message from Sam Blango