Sam Blango becomes Chairman of the International Business & Trade Commission

International Business & Trade Commission of Camden, NJ and Region (NEWPENNDEL)

Mission Statement: To be a conduit for economic development, trade and investment, cultural exchange and market penetration


  1. To extol the benefits of democratic values, good governance, and human rights in all African and Caribbean countries, Eastern Europe and Asia, Europe and Latin America and all peoples of the World represented at the Commission.
  2. Promote Import/Export, Trade and Investment opportunities between City of Camden, State of New Jersey and region, and all Commission member countries;
  3. To facilitate mutually beneficial cultural exchange in the areas of education, the arts, science, commerce, housing, health and business communications.
  4. To promote harmonious relationships between the City of Camden and region, Africa countries, the Caribbean Islands, Eastern Europe and Asia, Europe and Latin America and all peoples of the world.
  5. To provide a platform for promotion of cultural activities, tourism, and other economic discussions within the City of Camden and region.

Range and Scope of Commission Activities

  1. Host monthly interactive Commission Meetings to promote and inform the African and Caribbean Immigrants, Eastern Europe and Asia, Europe and Latin America and all peoples of the world represented at the Commission of activities occurring within the Camden Immigrant and region community.
  2. Collaborate with affiliated organizations represented by the Commission in providing support to events such as; health fairs, college fairs, cultural programs, political events, galas, and roundtable discussions on current issues.
  3. Make representation at conferences locally, state-wide, nation-wide and internationally to promote, education, job security, cultural, enrichment and immigration issues.
  4. Promote business and trade agreements on behalf of the African and Caribbean Communities, Eastern Europe and Asia, Europe and Latin America and all peoples of the world represented at the Commission.
  5. Organize Trade Missions, International Trade and Business Shows and Forums an promote import/export
  6. Establish an “International Chamber of Commerce” to be comprised by chamber of commerce from countries throughout the world with the purpose of deepening commerce.
  7. Engage in neighborhood improvements and revitalization programs, domestically and internationally.
  8. Assist Immigrants with accessing services through the local, county and state government

Organizational Structure:

International Business & Trade Commission

Seven (7) Commissioners

  1. Samuel Blango Chairman & President
  2. Rudiger Z. Ellis-Vice-President
  3. Loretta Winters-Secretary/Treasurer
  4. Mayors Office (designee)
  5. City Council-Brian Coleman
  6. Business Representative-Agnes Robinson-Ahmad
  7. Community Representative-Ron Green

Five (5) Advisors to the Commission will function per committee chairs to facilitate the identification of “capital” resources and for the strategic engagement in business development. These capital areas include: finance, human resource, technology, organizational, building and equipment, and marketing.

Recommendations: (Individuals/Enterprises/Organizations with international focus)

  • Cynthia Primas-
    • Arts & Culture
  • Dr. Quartey
    • International Business & Trade
  • Dr. Azuka Anyiam
    • Energy & Technology
  • Angela N. Cooper, Esq
    • Legal
  • Phillip Warner
    • Laison for regional local/state/federal agencies
  • David Bullock-
    • Local/International CEOs and Organization Leaders
  • Darlene Hunter
    • Local/Internatioal colleges and other education institutions
  • Faith Based community
    • TBD
  • Others TBD